Home Groups are one of the most important parts of Neighborhood Church. Our church has three home group semesters per year, running from January-April, June-August, and September-December. Before each seemster, there is an opportunity to sign up for groups at our Sunday Worship Celebration.

Missional Map


At right is the map we use to display how to get involved in Neighborhood Church. We Celebrate together on Sunday mornings, and that's a good starting point. But we all need to come together with other people who are following Jesus.

The second step is to Accompany each other. We do not just come together to be stagnant in our spiritual development, but to continue on our spiritual journey together.

The word accompany also paints a beautiful picture of music. Just as a pianist might accompany a violin virtuoso, we each aim to accompany each other by playing parts in each other's lives that enable others to shine.

Our home groups also take part in Serving together, which is the third step in the map. This also introduces home group members to areas of the church in which they may like to serve on a more regular basis.