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Many people think Christianity is a set of ideas about God, or a system of morals and values.

But, in truth, Christianity is a response to an event. There was a man, Jesus from Nazareth, who was resurrected by God. In the history of the world, this is a completely unparallelled event!

What does it mean?

What does it tell us about God?
What does it tell us about this man Jesus?
What does it tell us about the world?
What does it tell us about ourselves?

The early followers of Jesus spent their days seeking to understand the meaning of this event. What does it mean, and how should we live in response to that meaning?

The Jewish people of their day looked forward to a coming New Creation. The early Christians shared this hope for the future, but also understood the resurrection of Jesus to mean that this New Creation had somehow begun already.

Join us in April and May 2018 to explore the meaning of the resurrection of Jesus.